Customized Digital Art
by Tymek Borowski & Aurelia Nowak


How does it work?


1. Choose a subject

Would you like an individual or a group portrait? Or maybe an allegory of your company or your organisation?

2. Choose a model

Basic: digital artwork, designed for a 60×80 cm print, 1500 euro

Regular: digital artwork, designed for a 100×130 cm print, 2600 euro

Kingsize: digital artwork, designed for a 150×200 cm print, 4000 euro

Motion picture: HD digital video, approx/ 2-4 min., 4000 euro

3. Commission the artwork

Tymek Borowski makes an interview with you (in person or via Skype), you provide him source materials such as photographs, textual information. He creates the work.

4. Get your artwork

You get the artwork in the form of an original digital file, authenticated by a certificate. You can print the work yourself at any print shop around the world.




Allegory of EAE Collection

The EAE collection consists mainly of important paintings of avant-garde, abstract art from the last 100 years. In some sense (as usual in the case of the avant-garde) it’s “art about art”, but that’s only the surface. The collection and works themselves are a reflection of timeless, universal human nature. It’s the avant-garde based on reality, based on nature. It’s art understood as a monument – a monument to the human race.


(The human figure is inspired by Pioneer plaque, pictorial message sent in the 70’s outside the Solar System in hope to contact alien civilizations)


Portrait of Tomasz Chmal

Tomasz Chmal is an energy lawyer, expert and Polish patriot. He deeply believes in God. His strong, traditional, ethical values keep him above the chaotic world of biological existence. His professional work, but also – in some ways – his vision of the world is about the limited resources. Time of our life is an inevitably limited resource. That’s why he struggles to squeeze out of life as much as possible. He has recently turned 40.


We have spent hours with Tymek discussing my hobby, values and profession. I am very pleased of the result. The portrait well grasps me as Polish energy lawyer, contemporary art fan and Catholic. That was a great pleasure to be coached by someone who is not only the great artist, professional but simply nice guy! – Tomasz Chmal


Portrait of Piotr Stasik

Piotr Stasik is a documentary filmmaker. He is interested in metaphysics. Most of his movies tell the stories about childhood and its end. Piotr believes that that each of us has his own innate, unique core, unique essence. Most of us, during adolescence, is deformed and squeezed into unnatural, unified forms. It leads to unhappiness. Piotr believes that everyone can return to his true nature. In his case, this process leads through making movies and restoring his natural sensitivity.


First – I felt like a medieval merchant

Second – thanks to the process of making the portrait, I started to like myself more

Third – I got to know the author, but also got to know myself

Fourth – I don’t have to send my photo to catalogues and newspapers anymore

for all of that – I thank tenderly – Piotr Stasik


What is being shown at art fairs?

Art galleries often have to face the accusation that they present the art which seems to be nothing but a product for sale. Artists are no longer in their circle of interest, but collectors. Referring to this context, at the LISTE artfairs in Basel this year, Tymek Borowski and Aurelia Nowak decided not to hide the commercial aspect of those events and give the collectors the opportunity to commission artwork aimed especially for them. The slogan which promotes the project: Customized digital art. Define the subject, scale and budget. Get a digital artwork encourages one to freely adjust the artwork to individual needs. Collectors can commission a portrait/a representation of themselves, their collection, their family or a company. The final effect is a unique body of work in surrealistic-allegoric, post-internet aesthetics in which Tymek Borowski works.


How to go down in history?

The Customized Digital Art project refers to the tradition of commissioning portraits by kings and aristocrats. The preservation of an image let the high society make themselves immortal and go down in history. In turn, artists were provided with great lives at the royal and ducal courts. Tymek Borowski goes back with his project to these sources, premodernistic beginings of the art market, which seem to have already been forgotten. Eastern European ingenuity Tymek Borowski and Aurelia Nowak also take up the topic of the specific Eastern European … smartness. As “A Pole can do it”, Poles try to do everything in Basel that the regulations do not prohibit, or rather do not provide for: They do not sell products, but services. They promote them using the infamous, yet effective tactics of small-town “marketing” and barnyard aesthetics of advertising dating back to the 90s. All of this strongly differs from the minimalist, subtle design and climate, which the art world is accustomed to.

Curator: Aurelia Nowak

The project is implemented within the framework of The Gallerist Programme, De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam. It is funded through the Mloda Polska grant with the financial resources of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.



LISTE 19 Art Fair Burgweg 15
CH-4058 Basel June 16-21, 2014

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